Strategic Pillars

The following pillars represent the five key areas where we must excel in order to achieve our collective vision. For each pillar, we have identified goals toward which we strive. Each goal is then followed by examples of the specific strategies and tactics that will drive success in each of these areas. Our ability to achieve these goals will depend upon the collaborative support and effort of every member of the organization.

People and Collaboration
Foster a workplace environment focused on people

  • Create a culture that values teamwork, collaboration and respect
  • Enhance communication andengagement to strengthen the medical center community
  • Become an employer of choice

Service and Access
Develop an empowered-service-oriented culture

  • Create a well-organized, effective access center with a single phone number
  • Provide excellent service to our patients and families – all the time
  • Establish service-oriented systems and relationships across the enterprise
  • Streamline clinical operations to provide timely access to care

Resource Management

Optimize resources while enhancing our infrastructure

  • Improve patient through-put acrossthe enterprise
  • Increase operating room capacity to accommodate growth in surgical volume
  • Provide information technology resources to support resource management and improvements in patient care
  • Optimize existing facilities and identify additional facilities to accommodate growth
  • Construct the Norris HealthCare Consultation Center and HCC IV to provide capacity for transformational growth

Lead in the delivery of multi-disciplinary, high-quality care

  • Empower patients to become active partners in managing their health
  • Achieve Magnet designation
  • Standardize protocols and bestpractices across the patient care continuum
  • Strengthen coordination of care across disciplines
  • Provide evidence-based health care, and develop new approaches to quality measurement and improvement

Expand the enterprise’s clinical footprint and volume

  • Develop a clinical network to expand the enterprise’s reach across Los Angeles county and beyond
  • Increase overall brand awareness of the Keck Medical Center of USC
  • Grow clinical volume in our signature programs
  • Develop a robust physician outreach program