Executive Summary

USC excellence is the spark igniting the transformation of health care at Keck Medical Center of USC (KMC)—the clinical enterprise comprised of the Keck Hospital of USC, USC Norris Cancer Hospital, USC Care Medical Group Inc., and all clinics and outpatient satellites. It is what propels KMC toward fulfilling its mission of becoming a recognized top-tier academic medical center that provides exceptional health care that is personalized, compassionate and innovative. To achieve this mission and reshape the future of health care in Los Angeles and beyond, KMC has created a comprehensive, three-year strategic plan for its clinical enterprise that underpins all that it hopes to accomplish for the next several years.

Over the next three years, KMC will pursue two strategic pathways focused both on internal and external development to ensure success. One pathway requires investment in infrastructure, capital and systems to support the existing clinical enterprise principally located on the Health Sciences Campus. The other strategy calls for development of a broader network in targeted geographies to offer KMC’s world-class care directly to the community.

Both pathways are essential: pursuit of one without the other will not lead to organizational success. Both must be pursued in parallel and with renewed urgency.

Further investment in the enterprise is absolutely necessary in order for KMC to become the academic health system that was envisioned by the University of Southern California (USC) with the purchase of the hospitals in 2009. KMC must improve its levels of service, access, and quality.  KMC must invest in marketing and branding, an access center for scheduling, quality initiatives, upgraded and expanded facilities, and its most valued resource—its physicians and staff. These investments are essential now in order to protect and grow its market position.

With USC excellence as the spark, KMC will become a recognized academic partner to both patients and community physicians, and ensure access to USC expertise and service. With the necessary investments and the fulfillment and execution of this plan, KMC will emerge as a leader among academic medical centers and a dominant health care provider to those living in Los Angeles, Southern California and beyond.