Design Teams

Following a strategic planning retreat in September 2012, five design teams were created to address the critical issues faced by the Keck Medical Center of USC. These teams – growth, people and collaboration, quality, resource management, and service and access – were charged with creating the goals, strategies and tactics that drive the strategic plan.
Chair:  Shawn Sheffield* Co-Chair:  Inderbir Gill, MD*
Aimee Blanco John Lipham, MD
Michael Bowdish, MD Brenda Maceo*
Stacy Bratcher* Sanjit Mahanti*
Eric Chang, MD Ray Matthews, MD*
Edward Crandall, PhD, MD* Joseph Ouzounian, MD
Tse-Ling Fong, MD Dilip Parekh, MD
Jeff Hagen, MD Tarek Salaway*
Patrick Hsieh, MD* Ron Smith, MD
Tom Jackiewicz* Darcy Spicer, MD*
Lisa Jordan* Vaughn Starnes, MD*
Niels Kokot, MD Armand Dorian, MD†
Jay Lieberman, MD* Len Labella†
People and Collaboration
Chair:  Tom Jackiewicz* Co-Chair:  Scott Evans, PharmD, MHA*
Glen Ault, MD, MSEd Matt McElrath
Inez Avila Laila Muderspach, MD*
Mark Barr, MD Theresa Murphy, RN
Michael Bowdish, MD Daniel Oakes, MD*
Sulma Bravo, RN George Round
Lisa Dexter, RN Char Ryan
Heidi Frankel, MD Rick Selby, MD
Rick Hagy Michael Wang, MD*
Jennifer Israel, MD Michael Wong, MD, PhD, FRCPC
Sharon Lee Gabriel Zada, MD
Jay Lieberman, MD* Maria Zibell
Philip Lumb, MD
Chair:  Donald Larsen, MD, MBA* Co-Chair:  Chelsia Varner, MD
Kamyar Afshar, DO Lorraine Lopes, RN
Helena Chui, MD* Terry Pickering, RN
Mark Cunningham, MD Brian Prestwich, MD*
Heidi Frankel, MD Carmen Puliafito, MD, MBA*
Steven Giannotta, MD* Lynda Roman, MD
David Goldstein, MD* Annette Sy, RN*
Gina Greco, RN John Brodhead, MD
Stephen Gruber, MD, PhD, MPH* Afsaneh Barzi, MD, PhD
Rick Hagy Chandnish Ahluwalia, MD†
Jennifer Israel, MD


Resource Management
Chair:  Scott Evans, PharmD, MHA* Co-Chair:  Preet Chaudhary, MD, PhD*
Avtar Ahluwalia Theresa Murphy
Zea Borok, MD Daniel Oakes, MD*
Michael Campbell Coreen Rodgers*
Karen Chapman Tarek Salaway*
Bill Gorenstein* Rick Selby, MD
Edward Grant, MD Michael Selsted, MD, PhD
Philip Lumb, MD Michael Wang, MD*
Matt McElrath Judy Mc Curdy, RN†
Ann Mohrbacher, MD
Service and Access
Chair:  Keith Gran* Co-Chair:  Anthony Senagore, MD, MBA*
Monish Aron, MD* Indira Rollins, RN
Nikos Carli Brie Roumeliotis, MPH
Dana Habers* Brad Selby*
Christi Heck, MD MMM Uttam Sinha, MD*
Josh Lee, MD* Julie Starnes
Joan McLane Michelle Taveras
Caroline Mosessian Jacques Van Dam, MD, PhD*
Laila Muderspach, MD* Ashley Wagman
David Quinn, MD* Fred Weaver, MD
Mike Rice* Michael Wong, MD, PhD, FRCPC


* Steering Committee Member

† Verdugo Hills Hospital

All teams were also supported by AMC Strategies (LLC), and Andy Stringfellow and Josh Pashman (Keck Medical Center of USC Planning).